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Meet Mrs. Petersen

"They succeed because they think they can."-anonymous

Hello everyone!

As a teacher who's been teaching for fifteen years, I believe that it is such an honor to be a part of your child's life.  My philosophy of education is: EFFORT+PERSEVERANCE equals SUCCESS.  In other words, DO IT.+DON'T GIVE UP.=SUCCESS WILL BE ACHIEVED.  Success to me is as simple as setting a small  attainable goal.  When a child in my class makes the decision to set a goal, I already feel successful.  I aim to not only teach my students the school curriculum but to also teach them how to be successful and productive members of our society.  




8 Mathematical Practices (in kid-friendly language)
  1. I can solve problems without giving up.
  2. I can think about numbers in many different ways.
  3. I can explain my thinking and try to understand others.
  4. I can show my work in many ways.
  5. I can use math tools and tell why I chose them.
  6. I can work carefully and check my work.
  7. I can use what I already know to solve new problems.
  8. I can solve problems by looking for rules and patterns.
John Wooden's Pyramid of Success
John Wooden's Pyramid of Success
Good Character Counts
Good Character Counts
Mrs. Petersen's Many Mantras

These are my mantras that echo in my classroom daily.  They are my words of wisdom that I will bestow upon my students.  

It's okay to make mistakes, you learn from them.
Start the task. Stay on task. Complete the task.

Mrs. Mary Petersen

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All assignments for asynchronous work will be posted on Schoology.



  • Go to-->
  • Click--> students
  • Students can use their LAUSD email address & password to log on or the Schoology QR code.  Click--> Next and sign in.
  • Click--> Courses
  • Find Mrs. Petersen and click on the icon.



Classroom Code of Conduct
Classroom Code of Conduct
Mrs. Petersen's Wish

Hello Everyone!

I would like to start by telling you how excited I am to be your child's teacher.  I know at times, to show your appreciation, you'd like to get gifts for the teacher.  Please understand that the best gifts for me are not tangible rather inspirational.  From your child, I would love to receive his/her eagerness to learn, respect, perseverance, and hard work.  From you, I would be honored to receive your patience and understanding and your willingness to work with your child and me.  I don't have any children of my own.  I see my students as my legacies.  Ultimately, the best gift for me is knowing that I was a positive part of a child's life who will continue to be hardworking, productive, and successful citizens.

Books and Beyond

As a source to encourage reading, our school has adopted a program called "Books and Beyond". It is a program that encourages students to read daily. A yellow sheet is given to each child to record titles of books he/she has read. For every sheet completed,  a second grader will receive a prize. An orange sheet is given to a third grader to record the titles of the books and the number of pages he/she has read.  For every 300 pages read, a third grader will also receive a prize. In May, they will receive a gold medal and be honored in front of teachers, peers, administrators, and parents. Let's GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!

Quote That Reflects My Teaching Style

"Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education."

Martin Luther King Jr.

Laughter IS the best medicine!
Laughter IS the best medicine!
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Mrs. Petersen's Standards Based Grading Scale

Grading Scale & Defining Factors

(4)Exceeding Standards/WOW

  1. 95%-100%
  2. The student demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the material by completing advanced applications of the material.
  3. Demonstrates superior understandings. Exceeds requirements for grade-level work. Consistently applies and extends learned concepts and skills independently.
  4. Meets grade level expectations with excellence.
  5. No teacher assistance needed.  Student understood concept without teacher help.

(3)Meeting Standards/Right on Target

  1. 75%-94%
  2. The student has mastered the complex, targeted knowledge and skills for the class.
  3. Demonstrates and applies knowledge and understanding of learned concepts and skills. Meets requirements for grade -level work. Completes work accurately and independently.
  4. Meets grade level expectations.
  5. After teacher explanation and guided practice, student understood concept.

(2)Approaching Standards/Getting There

  1. 50%-69%
  2. The student understands the foundational material that supports the targeted learning, but is still working to master the complex material for the class.
  3. Demonstrates partial understandings. Beginning to meet requirements for grade-level work. Requires some extra time, instruction, assistance and/ or practice.
  4. Progressing towards meeting grade level expectations.
  5. Student is beginning to understand concept, but needs a little more guidance.

(1)Below Standards/Struggling

  1. 0%-49%
  2. The student is able to demonstrate an understanding of the foundational material for the class with help from the teacher, but still struggles when working independently.
  3. Demonstrates minimal understandings. Seldom meets requirements for grade-level work. Requires an extended amount of time, instruction, assistance and/ or practice.
  4. Not meeting grade level expectations.
  5. Student does not understand the concept and needs much more guidance.
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Student Teachers’ Corner

I consider it an honor to be a master teacher.  I am humble at the title.  I strive to be the best master teacher I could be because it is awesome that you ( the student teacher) have chosen to be in this profession.  My goal for you is to not only provide a good example of effective teaching but to also inspire you.  Teaching can be hard but the rewards outweigh the problems you will encounter in the classroom whether it be in my classroom or your own classroom.  The classroom is your kingdom.  My advice for you: Reach a child’s heart first before you can teach a child’s mind.  As you’re completing your student teaching, don’t be afraid to ask questions because that’s how you will learn.  If a lesson goes terribly wrong, sit and reflect on it.  Talk with your master teacher and university supervisor and find another way to either reteach the lesson or reteach the concept.  I’ve been there.  I’ll never forget my principal’s advice.  She was observing my lesson for my evaluation and saw that it was not going as planned.  So in our post lesson conference, she told me that it was okay to stop the lesson and continue with it the next day.  It’s okay to fail.  That’s what student teaching is all about.  What matters is, how much of your heart you put into your lesson.  Were you excited about teaching that lesson?  If you will be excited to teach the lesson then the students will be excited to learn the lesson.  Good luck in your student teaching endeavors.

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A Message from Mrs. Petersen

Thank you so much for contributing to your child's success.  It is very important that we keep in close communication regarding your child's academic growth.  Should you  need to contact me, you may email me at or call the school at (818) 886-4612.  I will also be available after school til 4 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays to meet with you (I have meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

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You're Late After 8

Please ensure that your child arrives to school on time. The instructional day starts at 8:00. The first bell rings at 7:55. Attendance is importance and I will mark your child tardy if he/she is in the room after 8.

Mrs. Petersen's Wikipedia

Have you ever wondered about the teacher who's going to teach your child for the next school year?  Wonder no more!  

I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand.  There was a civil war in Cambodia, my native country.  My mother and I were brought over to America by some kind Americans.  I've never met my dad. Four years later, my mother remarried and had my brother.  So, like many of my students that I've taught, we had different dads.  Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last.  My mother, baby brother, and I moved to California from Texas.  My mother did not know how to speak English to get a job.  She ended up receiving welfare for my brother and me.  We couldn't afford to live anywhere.  As a result, we lived in the Pueblo del Rio Housing Projects in South Central Los Angeles.  It was infested with gangs, rats, and roaches.  Despite growing up in poverty, I've always loved learning.  In my heart, I knew that if I wanted to get out of poverty, I had to work hard in school.  My second grade teacher, Ms. Roberts saw something in me and had me tested for GATE.  Unfortunately, I didn't qualify.  But that didn't stop me.  I wanted to succeed and I was not going to let anything prevent me. In 1990, we were robbed and my mother made the decision to move to another government housing projects because that was all she could afford.  We ended up living in Aliso Village Government Housing Projects (no longer exist) in East Los Angeles near Boyle Heights.  Despite growing up in poverty and surrounded by gang violence, I refused to become another statistic which is why I refuse to give up on any student.  My various teachers believed in me and ensured that I was on the right track to go to college.  I was scared because college was expensive.  Where was I going to get the money? Thank goodness for FAFSA.  I worked full time and went to school full time.  It was hard but I wanted to achieve my goal of becoming a teacher.   

As an older sister, I was always helping my brother in school.  He had a learning disability.  He always struggled in school but he told me that despite the fact that school was hard, he didn't want to disappoint me and graduated high school.  He tried college and couldn't last.  My brother is the reason why I am the teacher I am today.  Failure was not an option for him.  He had a learning disability but he didn't let that stop him.  What he had was determination, dedication, motivation, perseverance, and a plethora of other qualities that led him to his success.  He is a business owner and living a life in contrast to our upbringing.  

When I teach my students, I don't let obstacles stop them from being successful.  My brother and I had obstacles in our path but we didn't let them prevent us from achieving our goals.  


The Pueblo del Rio Government Housing Projects in South Central Los Angeles
The Pueblo del Rio Government Housing Projects in South Central Los Angeles
Aliso Village Government Housing Projects in East Los Angeles
Aliso Village Government Housing Projects in East Los Angeles
It may be hard but it's not impossible.