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Contact Info:


Mrs. Kovacs

Classroom Supply Donations

Our classroom could really use the following supplies donated:



*baby wipes

*white board markers (blue please)


Thank you for your generosity. :)

Daily Supplies

Please have the following:


*Two sharpened pencils

*Homework folder

*Academic journals (Math & ELA)

*Student planner

Xtra Math Instructions

Step 1: In the 1st box, type Mrs. Kovacs' email address (


Step 2:  In the 2nd box, type in your first name and the initial of your last name (example: JohnS)


Step 3:  In the 3rd box, type in your 4-digit pin that Mrs. Kovacs provided you with

Multiplication Ninja Instructions

Log onto and choose the level you wish to complete. You need to earn 100% in under a minute with no help.  Once you have succeeded, you can print out your test results or email me with a screen shot or PDF.  You should accomplish your goal by the end of 1st semester. Good Luck Ninjas!

Current Assignments
Schoology Gradebook

Today, students received their LAUSD email with their password.  I encouraged students to log on once a week to Schoology ( to check their academic status with a parent.  

parent info.png
5th Grade Activities

Parents, we will not have sufficient funds to provide all the 5th grade activities to all 5th grade students.  That is why we are asking for a $75 donation from each student.  Please send in the donation that you are able to provide as soon as possible so that we can start planning and making arrangements.  


Thank you,

Mrs. Kovacs

Student Planner Parent Signatures

Parents, please make sure you sign the planner stating that your child completed the homework after your child shows you the completed homework.  If your child did not finish Monday's homework on Monday night, but then was able to complete it on Tuesday night, then on Tuesday night you can sign the box for Monday. 


Parents, please help your child to remember to bring back their FRIDAY FOLDER  every Monday.

Thank You